Lauren M Kurth


Lauren Kurth is a visionary with an extraordinary gift to connect to her Higher-self,  An International healer and mentor in self development,  A  key note speaker,  A sound resonance healer, Hypnotherapist (Quantum healing hypnosis), Thought field therapy practitioner and has studied the reprogramming of the subconscious mind and exploring unified physics.

Lauren is passionate about self development through human consciousness by mastering your mind and your energies frequency signature.

Her desire is to help others heal their hearts, minds and to understand who and what they are, raise self-awareness, personal consciousness to create a cooperative world, one individual at a time.

*  Source Intelligence healer and Mentor in self development.

*  Cert 1 -  Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHH) Certified by  Dolores Cannon 2011. 

*  Cert 2 -  Advanced Practices QHH Certified by Dolores Cannon 2011

*  Certified QHH practitioner and invited member of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy 2013

*  Cert 1 - Best practices of Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute 2012.

*  Certificate of proficiency - Subconscious mind principals - School of language of light -  2009.

*  Certificate in Thought field therapy (TFT) 2006

*  9 Years personal experience in Sound healing.

*  QXCI practitioner (Bio feedback) - Trained by Dr Dayandra Hettigde MD (NZ) & Nana Coulter ND (NZ)