Lauren M Kurth



A life time of Non Human Intelligence and UFO experiences

A brief overview...

Lauren Kurth is a Non Human Intelligence and UFO Prime Contactee, she is the creator and founder of

"Quantum Contact Global Movement" 

Lauren's unique Superconscious,  Higherself and Source Intelligence energy based protocols are a key to creating a clear connection with non human intelligence to experience  NHI-UFO interactions currently happening on Earth.



Lauren has 25+ years experience in Source Intelligence Healing, working with the Subconscious mind, the thought field, Sound, Bio-feedback, and Energy. Lauren studied Exploring Unified Physics with Nassim Haramein, QHH Hypnosis with Dolores Cannon.

Lauren has been having different forms and levels of UFO, Non Human Intelligence, inter-dimensional and spirit contact from as early as she can remember, her first vivid memory of  UFO contact happened when she was about 5 years old. 

She was awoken in the middle of the night and went to her bedroom window to see a silent disk shaped craft hovering above the trees, then swiftly flying away over  Mt Putauaki in New Zealand. 

Lauren always felt energetically sensitive  growing up and had a sense she didn’t belong here, she felt that she felt the world differently.

Through her contact experiences, later in life she started to be able to see the bigger picture playing out in her life. From an early age she was aware that she was here to help and had visions of a shift in human consciousness, to know what the truth of God is and  an earth storm.



Working as a Source Intelligence healer and being guided by the clarity of her Higherself and Non Human Intelligence, Lauren has learnt many personal teachings and healing skills and has formulated a holistic healing modality “Source Intelligence Healing” to healing Mind, body and align with the soul to help herself and her clients to live a balance life.

Since 2013 she has being speaking more publicly about her healing work and Non Human Intelligence contact and UFO experiences.

Her passion is healing, Mentoring and UFO/ET contact work and she has been co-coordinating her own active public UFO/ET contact  groups and tours, since early 2013 and has a lifetime of her own personal contact experience.

Her goal is to offer others the opportunity to experience UFOs for themselves and help open their hearts, minds and expand their consciousness.

To help empower people to understanding themselves more and strengthening their emotional and mental states and heal.

In this way we can all effect the collective consciousness in a positive way.


“My personal experiences with Non Human Intelligence and the connected energy matrix of the unified field throughout the multiverse, has lead me to understand the only way to change the world is to change yourself first!

To not be controlled by triggering negative emotions and past experiences, but to be the observer and non reactive, remaining  in control of only yourself, stay heart based and take positive actions forward, in this way through our own frequency and personal human consciousness, we live by example and have a positive impact on others and the natural world around us.

*  7 years Lauren's personal UFO contact consciousness protocols

*  41 Years UFO/ET sightings and contact experiences.

*  CE5 Training (3 Days) - Dr Steven Greer  - 2013 Australia.

*  1 Days training in UFO/Contactee Hypnosis with Mary Rodwell 2013.


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