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Join Lauren monthly for Quantum Contact UFO/ET  sky watch events. Expand your consciousness through a heart connected night to initiated ET contact. Teaching,support, meditation  in a sacred space created by Lauren Kurth.  Enjoy the interaction with ET & UFO Craft. Let us connect together to expand our consciousness with the assistance of the star beings that are visiting earth to awaken humanity.What to expect on a sky watch!  When you arrive at the location its registration and meet and greet. You can get to know each other and we share experiences over a cup of coffee or tea. We head out to the contact site and I smudge everyone with white sage and begin with a respectful blessing and intention.  We all connect in a heart space of contact and begin my contact protocols. We see many things, shooting stars, satellites, the stunning milky way, it is so beautiful and peaceful.  We also see some pretty amazing and strange things. The groups have experienced what looks like a satellite at first moving north from the south, then it stops and flashes several times when our communications is received, it glows brighter in a power up and takes off in a different to the west at great speed. We have seen deep space flashes communicating with our requests and flashing while fairly stationary up to 25 times over a 5 min period. We have seen bright golden flashes in the sky that light it up like lightening on a clear night. One night we saw a diamond shape golden craft traverse the western horizon at the location, it has an oblong shaped translucent energy field around it.......and lots more! It fun and a beautiful experience to sit under the stars for a while.

Click on the ABOVE link to see a UFO power up at Lauren Kurth's sky watch, filmed by Peter Maxwell Slattery, April 19th 2014.

EVENTS:  Lengths and prices of event vary based on group needs, numbers and location.

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